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Brief review

Colorful icons, drop down charts, and easy to understand graphs fill Forex Tester with simplicity and ease. This program was meant to provide new Forex traders with valuable information and a general understanding of how the market works. With the help of Forex Tester’s clean interface, learning all about Forex trading is both clear-cut and easy to do.


Forex Tester really lives up to its purpose as a Forex training and learning tool. While other trading tools can be overly complex, this one is very easy to use. Forex Tester is ideal for users who are just beginning to dabble in Forex trading, though Forex Tester can also be used by advanced traders who want to learn more about the markets by simply watching and observing.

Main Function

This program does exactly what it was meant to do: show new traders how Forex trading works. Instead of offering up real money and taking real chances, Forex Trader allows users to play a hypothetical market. By observing trends and watching how the market fluctuates, this tool is really one of the best Forex learning tools available.

Extra Features

The best thing about Forex Tester is that this tool can be used to learn the market ropes. You don’t have to commit to spending any money, but you can learn different investment photos and strategies just by watching the charts provided with this program.


If you’re serious about learning how to understand Forex trading, this tool is worth the $199 price tag. You won’t find any other learning tool on the market that’s comparable to this one, and that’s really saying a lot since there are plenty of tools of this kind out there. You can also try Forex Tester for free for a limited period of time (saving features are disabled in free version).

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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